Check out Kim Kardashian’s £6 million security detail her husband Kanye West has setup

Paris,Oct6:Rapper Kanye West has reportedly put in £6 million into boosting security in the hours after wife Kim Kardashian was bound and gagged at gunpoint by raiders.

The rapper will even have lookalikes of Kim on permanent duty to act as decoys and help keep her movements secret.

And he has enlisted an online security team that previously advised the White House in order to combat accidental leaks while using social media, reported Daily Mirror.

Kim’s personal bodyguard warned the gang: “We will find you. You messed with the wrong one”

Kim, 35, was ambushed in her Paris apartment in the early hours of Monday. She was thrown bound and gagged into a bathtub by masked gunmen dressed as French police .

The five, who fled on hired bikes, escaped with her engagement ring and other jewellery worth £8.5 million.