Check out how ‘Entrupy app’ can determine the authenticity of any product you buy!

Check out how 'Entrupy' can determine the authenticity of any product you buy

New York, August 12: Are you nervous thinking if the product you brought is genuine or fake? You need not worry either! A new system has been developed, by the Indian origin researchers, that can easily distinguish between genuine and fake versions of the same product through Artificial Intelligence algorithms and a smartphone app.

The system works by establishing a data set of three million images over various objects and materials like toys, fabrics, shoes, leather, electronics and pills.

Lakshminarayanan Subramanian, Professor at New York University, claims the accuracy of classification as more than 98 percent. She asserts that the system is now capable of verifying the authenticity of everyday projects through cellphone.

The new system will be introduced on August 14 at the annual KDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  The system would be commercialised by Entrupy Inc., a New york University start up founded by Ashlesh Sharma, Vidyuth Srinivasan and Subramanian.

Here are the easy way to detect the authenticity of your products:

  • Just place the device directly on the project and open the Entrupy app on smartphone or tablet (iOS).
  • Go through the onscreen instructions in the app to take images.
  • Within no time Artificial Intelligence algorithms would analyse the images and provide the result of authenticity.

Subramanian said that the idea for this system was generated with the concept of ‘microscopic characteristics in a genuine product corresponding to the same larger product, that exhibits similarities which helps in distinguishing the products from their corresponding counterfeit versions’.

According to researchers, counterfeit goods constitute a massive problem worldwide, that directly affects the high valued physical products. Even though many other counterfeit detection methods exist, they are invasive and could damage the products while examining.

On the other hand, the Entrupy method ensures non intrusive solution. It can easily determine the authenticity of the products from original manufacturer, and fake products produced by counterfeiters.