Chennai bus travel app iCommute launched

Chennai bus travel app iCommute launched

Chennai,April24: Tagging your friends or family virtually on a journey is not a bad idea, except if you want to hide your destination while moving around the city.

The mobile application, iCommute, gives users to traverse with ease and also comes in handy as a safety tool.

City techies, Dileep Kumar G and Revanth, have developed the application for real-time users. Happy about the app crossing 35,000 downloads since its launch in 2015, Revanth says, “We have recently personalised the application with an option ‘share trip’. This enables users to share their location with their friends or family members, ensuring safety, especially during night trips. In business, if a head wants to track location of their marketing professionals, even that’s possible with this application.”

Travellers can update news related to traffic on the go. He gives details: “We have an option called Newsfeed where users can share the real-time traffic updates. For instance, if there is an update stating a stretch in the city is choked with traffic, then alert will be posted to other users. They can benefit from it. We have collated this option with the Twitter handles of Chennai traffic police, and Southern Railway too.”

The application was launched with two options, Check-in and Spot, for commuters of MTC buses, local EMUs and Metro.

“We developed the app initially with these two options. For instance, if you board a bus at one stop, and then you swipe right to highlight the check-in option. Other users will get an alert about the location of the bus. Another option ‘spot’ helps with a list of buses and also to locate a bus at the exact location. Just swipe left to choose spot option. We deliberately stuck to swipe so that users in the crowded buses will find it easier to choose either one,” he says.

Stating that the app was developed at a cost of Rs 8 lakh, he says, “We are targeting to capture the local market and integrate local cabs in order to generate revenue. There is no need for Android users to have multiple applications based on travel. Storage space is crucial in mobile phones. Why waste it on downloading multiple apps. Our application has a potential to replace two or more apps,” points out Revanth.

On future plans, he says, “We are planning to include details about the available amenities at suburban stations.”