Chennai film producer’s driver made threat call to actress Radha

Chennai, Sep 05: Anthony Raj (28), arrested for making a threat call to actress Radha posing as history sheeter Vairam from Puzhal prison, was the driver of film producer Munivel, with whom the actress had a relationship.

“Because Munivel’s wife used to cry and rant about her husband’s extramarital relationship, he decided to make a threatening call to Radha thinking a phone call would make actress stay away from his employer,” the police said on Sunday, a day after arresting Anthony Raj.

Radha’s disclosure on August 21 in a complaint to the police saying she received a call from a criminal lodged in the jail had forced the jail officials to conduct raids in all nine central prisons in the state.

Since then raids have led to at least six mobile phones being seized from inmates in Puzhal prison. Jail officials had, however, revealed that they did not find any phone in the possession of Vairam who is spending a year of his Goondas’ Act term in jail.#PuzhalPrison

Based on the phone number provided by Radha from which she said she received the call, the police had been saying that the call was not made from Puzhal but from somewhere else.

Radha had recorded the conversation and had also released it to the media.
Anthony Raj used the phone belonging to a woman in Neelakarai known to him to make call thinking the police would not be able to trace him, the police said.
Radha, who acted as heroine in Tamil movie called Sundara travels, had been saying that Munivel’s wife was behind the threat call. But Vairam’s wife in her complaint to the police had said that her husband was innocent and Radha had been dragging his name unnecessarily.

With the Chengalpet resident Anthony Raj’s arrest and confession, it is now clear that the actress had received a threat call and the caller had only used the criminal’s name.