Chennai High Court orders to arrest ‘Jayalalithaa’s son Krishnamurthy’

Chennai HC orders to arrest 'Jayalalithaa's son Krishnamurthy', for cheating Court

Chennai, March 27: The Chennai High Court has ordered to arrest Krishnamurthy who submitted a petition to the Court claiming that he is the son of the late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa.

Earlier on March 17, the Madras High Court asked petitioner Krishnamurthy to submit documents to prove that he is late Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalithaa’s son.

But as he is unable to produce authentic proof that he is the legal heir of Jayalalithaa, the Court observed that Krishnamurthy has cheated the Court. The High Court has also directed the state police to submit a report in this regard by March 24.

Krishnamurthy approached the Court, saying he was born to Jayalalithaa and the late Telugu actor Shoban Babu.
He presented a bunch of documents, including an ‘adoption deed’. He sought the court’s help to declare him as Jayalalithaa’s son and hence entitled to her properties, including the famous Poes Garden residence.

Krishnamurthy, a native of Erode, has filed a grievance with the chief secretary of Tamil Nadu challenging that he is the only son of J Jayalalithaa and that his mother was murdered. He also claimed that he was the ‘real son’ of Jayalalithaa and is the legal heir to all her wealth.

Justice R Mahadevan condemned the applicant for presenting supporting documents that were ‘visibly fabricated’.

“Even a student in LKG level can say these documents are fabricated. You have attached photographs that is easily available in public domain. Do you think anyone can walk in initiate a Public interest litigation (PIL) proceeding? This is fabricated, where are the originals of the documents?” the judge asked angrily to the petitioner.

Krishnamurthy, in his petition, claimed that his father was Telugu actor Shobhan Babu. The documents submitted by the petitioner have also been given to the additional public prosecutor to find the authenticity of the documents. Krishnamurthy had sought security from the court, claiming that he fears for his life.

Earlier, a woman called Priya Lakshmi had also claimed that she was the daughter of MG Ramachandran (MGR) and J Jayalalithaa. Later, the Police recognised her claim as a hoax and detained her for ‘fraudulence’.