Chhattisgarh shocker after Odisha, relatives walk 14 km carrying injured to hospital

Chhattisgarh shocker after Odisha, relatives walk 14 km carrying injured to hospital.

Dantewada/Chhattisgarh, March 27: There has been no remedy for the repeated incidents of utter apathy of people and government, even though it has come to light.

The first similar incident was from Odisha where a man carried his wife’s dead body on his shoulders, as an ambulance service is denied to them. The man had to carry his wife’s dead body for about 10 KMs to reach his house.

Since this incident, similar shockers have frequently come to the fore, but for utter disappointment, nothing has been done to minimise the miseries of the people.

One such incident of apathy has again come to light in Chhattisgarh‘s Dantewada. This is a remote place, where the Tribals of Lava village are still devoid of basic facilities.

If an accident occurs in the village, the villagers have to carry the injured person on a cot all the way to NMDC’s Pariyojna Hospital. This hospital is 14 kilometres away from the village.

This was repeated when a victim had to be carried on a cot to the hospital by his relatives. Even after being assured by the hospital to provide an ambulance, the promise was later not fulfilled.

The 40-year-old sustained injuries after he fell from a Salfi tree while trying to pluck out its fruits.

“There is no facility in the village. Neither can ambulance reach there nor any bus. Even when NMDC assured us an ambulance, there was no sign of it reaching there. Therefore, we had to carry him on a cot. Only promises are made, but never fulfilled” the victim’s brother told ANI.

In the name of facility, the NMDC has arranged for a shuttle bus which travels once a day from Kirundul and stops five kilometres before the destination due to no road connectivity.

The villagers then had to carry their concerned relatives on foot all the way to the hospital.