China coal mine gas explosion : 20 People still trapped in

Beijing, Nov 01: Rescuers were racing against time to save 20 workers who were trapped after an explosion rocked a coal mine near China’s Chongqing city, killing at least 13 miners.

The State-run Xinhua news agency had last night reported that 15 workers had been killed but revised the toll today to 13 with 20 still missing.
Rescuers were working around the clock to search for 20 miners who are still trapped in the colliery in southwest Chongqing municipality since nearly 24 hours following a gas explosion, the report said.
Altogether 33 miners were stranded in a pit of Jinshangou coal mine in Yongchuan district after an explosion went off at 11:33 am yesterday.
As of midnight, rescuers had retrieved 13 dead bodies, but the remaining 20 were still unaccounted for, Chongqing’s deputy mayor Mu Huaping told a press briefing.