China-Pakistan Economic Corridor may intensify tension between India and Pakistan

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor may intensify tension between India and Pakistan.

Washington DC, November 29: The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will increase China’s already intimidating occupancy in the South Asian nation, and “intensify” pressure between India and Pakistan, a US think-tank opined.

On Tuesday, Michael Kugelman, Deputy Director and Senior Associate for South Asia Program at the Wilson Center stated “CPEC will deepen China’s already formidable presence in the country and clearly aggravate India-Pakistan tensions. In addition, real questions persist about Pakistan’s ability to finance its share of new energy investment.”

Even though the CPEC may permit Pakistan to produce more energy, it will not resolve the nation’s widespread power crisis, which is rooted in circumstances that go well exceeding after power supply deficiencies.

Kugelman wrote in the report on Tuesday, “stability in Pakistan’s security situation and economic performance is increasingly in critical interest for Beijing because it is a precondition for CPEC’s success. Given New Delhi’s strenuous opposition, CPEC will exacerbate India-Pakistan tensions.”

He added that the CPEC bridges the already intense residence of Washington’s best diplomatic opponent in an area where the US has much thinner trails.

He further added, “the project also generates additional obstacles for the Indian efforts to access markets and natural gas reserves in Central Asia — a region that India cannot reach directly by land because Pakistan denies its transit rights on Pakistani soil.”

As per Kugelman’s words, Beijing’s message is very much alike to Islamabad’s, where it uses only the most confident oratory and with a successful and bold pitch. Alike Pakistan, China also has much of its bound, he added.

The report, however, says, “privately, however, China worries about the security risks to CPEC, even as terrorist violence has subsided in Pakistan since 2014 when the Pakistani military launched a major counterterrorism offensive. many of the attacks that have taken place since then have occurred along or on envisioned CPEC routes in Baluchistan. Separatist rebels have targeted energy infrastructure in the province for a number of years and remain an active threat,” it added.