China threatens India: “No compromise on Doklam standoff, will enter Kashmir and Kalapani”

China threatens India: "No compromise on Doklam standoff, will enter Kashmir and Kalapani"

Beijing/ China, August 10: People’s Liberation Army (PLA) opines that China will no longer compromise to end the Doklam standoff. The extreme comment was made over the statement of Indian journalists when Beijing sent their troops to defend the area which they claim to be Chinese territory.

All these tensions at Doklam took over between India and China as Indian troops prevented Chinese People’s Liberation Army from building a road in the trijunction. Both the troops have been locked for the last 50 days.

China demanded India to immediately call back the Army from Doklam claiming that they are constructing a road within its teritory. Bhutan came up with a counter point stating that the area belonged not to China but it is the property of Bhutan. China asserts that Thimphu (capital of Bhutan) doesn’t have any dispute with Beijing over Doklam.

According to media reports, China is angry with India for making a dangerous move in Doklam as the area is not the property of India. Senior Colonel Zhao Xiaozhou stated that they haven’t used the word ‘invasion’ for India’s entry into Doklam. He asserts that it is because of their goodwill that they have mentioned India’s role as ‘trespass’ or ‘incursion’. He added that for the well being of two nations and maintaining amity between the two, India needs to withdraw unconditionally.

Zhao states that if India doesn’t have any plans to pull back their troops, China will be compelled to use the force. Chinese military scholars also raised the issue of Kashmir. On the very next day of top Chinese Foreign Ministry official’s statement on Kashmir issue, Zhao claimed that Pakistan is their friend and threatened India asking how it would react if China joins with Pakistan to cross the India-China border.

Pointing the Kalapani conflict between India and Nepal, the Deputy Director General of the Boundary and Ocean Affairs of China, Wang Wenli had raised the unrest going on in the Jammu and  Kashmir. According to Wang, when India wanted to enter the trijunction in Chinese territory, they wish to know how India would react if China enters the trijunctions in India. They would try entering Kalapani or Kashmir to know how India would respond.

Chinese military experts claim that India’s actions have led to unrest between the two nations affecting the political trust between the two nations. New Delhi is threatened for its ‘dangerous’ move as it ‘misjudged’ the action of Beijing defending its sovereignty and integrity.