China vlogger almost lost her life while trying to put a live eel inside her vagina


Beijing,July19:The rise of social media has triggered an alarming flood of videos showing people doing bizarre and often fatal acts in order to make their content go viral online. People have also landed in difficult situations while trying to perform weird sexual acts like getting a ring stuck on their penis or getting mauled by a shark while shooting underwater porn.

In the latest addition to ideas that baffle people, a vlogger from China almost lost her life while trying to put a live eel inside her vagina. The vlogger named Zhang Moumou had to undergo surgery to remove the eel from her vagina after the revolting act.

Her troubles didn’t end there since she was soon arrested by China’s anti-pornography police as part of a crackdown on an illegal streaming platform which hired vloggers for live pornography show.

Zhang is part of a highly competitive industry which attracts 200 million viewers and vloggers often try to do something crazy often ending up in a soup. Recently another woman in China tried to eat an aloe vera leaf which she later discovered was a poisonous look-alike of the plant.