Chinese airlines issue new compensation standards for flight delays

Beijing, Jan 10 (IANS) Forty two Chinese airlines have issued new standards of compensation for flight delays, according to a notice issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

Air China, the flag carrier, will now provide financial compensation to passengers for delays caused by maintenance and flight dispatch. Each passenger will receive 200 yuan ($28) for delays between four and eight hours, the People’s Daily reported on Tuesday.

The compensation goes up to 400 if the delay exceeds eight hours, the notice said.

China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines offer similar compensation packages. However, China Eastern further states that compensation may be offered if flights are delayed or cancelled due to “commercial” reasons.

However, the standards implemented by smaller companies are slightly less generous.

For instance, OK Airways, China’s first private airlines, will provide only 300 yuan to passengers whose flights are delayed over eight hours. However, the company promises to pay for passengers’ meals and accommodation should a delay occur that is caused by the company.

However, some airlines refused to give compensation to passengers whose flights are delayed or cancelled for any reason. China West Air, Urumqi Air and Spring Airlines have said that they will not provide any compensation to passengers.

According to the new regulations, all airlines must do their best to reduce avoidable flight delays.