Chinese archaeologists find 2,000-year-old meat soup

Beijing, Dec 15 (IANS) A vessel containing meat soup, prepared more than 2,000 years ago, was discovered during archaeological excavations in China’s Henan province, authorities said on Thursday.

The stew, containing beef bones and other ingredients, was discovered on Monday at an archaeological tomb site in Chengyang district near the city of Xinyang, Efe news reported.

The archaeologists are yet to give a precise date of the soup as well as other findings from the tomb. However, according to the regional archaeological institute, the ruins are known to belong to the ancient state of Chu, one of the kingdoms that existed in China between 700 and 200 BC.

The institute posted images on Thursday of the peculiar looking soup, currently being researched by experts on their Weibo account (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter).