Chinese dad asks doctor to pay for son’s torn clothes after life saving surgery for blockage of an artery in the lung

Chinese dad asks doctor to pay for son's torn clothes after life saving surgery for blockage of an artery in the lung

Shanghai,Sept25:Doctors play a very important role in society as they save lives and are often part of miraculous efforts. But there are always people who are not very grateful to doctors who at times even face attacks from patients or their relatives.

Days after a shocking incident in Pune where a man stabbed a doctor over expenses for his treatment, another one has been reported from China. A man whose son survived the blockage of an artery in the lung after a life saving surgery, asked doctors to pay for the patient’s torn clothes.

 As the hospital staff worked on saving the boy’s life, his father noticed that his clothes were cut and contents of his pocket were missing. He simply ignored what the doctor had done for his son and demanded 1500 yuan as compensation for the damage.

The man was rushed to hospital after he lost consciousness due to an artery blockage. Luckily for him, the team of doctors and medical staff at Zhongnan Hospital in China’s Hubei Province saved his life. But, instead of thanking the doctor, the father demanded 1,500 yuan from him.

After being shifted to a ward, the patient’s father noticed that his son’s clothes were cut up, a common practice in medical emergencies. According to a post on Weibo, some cash, an identity card and some other contents were also missing from the son’s pocket.

The story went viral on Chinese social media platform Weibo where people criticised the man for worrying about the clothes over his son’s well being.

The incident went viral as people were shocked and questioned if the father was insane. A report by the Shanghaist suggested that the doctor did eventually pay 1000 yuan after negotiating the amount.

The doctor told the media that he understood the behaviour of the man and said that although the amount wouldn’t be a big deal for many, it meant a lot to the father.