Chinese man begs to be beaten to raise money for blind son’s operation

Chinese man begs to be beaten to raise money for blind son's operation

Beijing, Jan 19 : A Chinese man begged strangers to hit him for a fee in order to raise money to treat his son who is going blind, media reports said.

Fan Fugui, from south-west China’s Chongqing, knelt on a street in Beijing last week and charged passers-by 10 yuan ($1.5) per hit, the Daily Mail reported.

Fan’s one-year-old child was born with serious eye diseases and needs an operation which will cost 100,000 yuan.

Pictures show Fan, begging on a busy street of the capital city, wearing nothing but his underpants in the freezing weather as he presented a wooden rod with both hands, inviting pedestrians to beat him.

A signboard next to him explained about his son’s condition and asked ‘kind-hearted people’ to help him.

Due to the child’s complicated conditions, doctors couldn’t guarantee that he would gain full eyesight after the operation.

Fan said wouldn’t give up. “I don’t want my child to go blind. I want him to be able to look after himself when he grows up.”