Chinese man paralyzed after 20 hours of non-stop gaming

Chinese man paralyzed after 20 hours of non-stop gaming

Beijing, February 03: A Chinese gamer was paralyzed after playing games for 20 hours at a cyber café in Zhejiang province on January 27. According to reports, the man lost sensation from his waist down and could not move his body.

The man entered the internet café in the evening and kept playing without taking a break till the next day.  In the afternoon, after 20 hours of non-stop gaming, he could not move his legs when he tried to get up to visit the loo.

The gamer was conscious and called for help when he realized that it was not a numb. The people who were present at the cafe called for an ambulance and the gamer was immediately given medical attention.

The video of the paramedics, lifting the man and  securing him to a stretcher has gone viral in the Social Media.

According to reports, the avid gamer was begging his friends to complete the unfinished game when he was being carried to the ambulance.

According to reports, China has over 565 million gamers  in the country and is the first country to officially declare internet addiction as a clinical disorder.

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