Chinese Nobel laureate Mo Yan working on new book

Beijing, Jan 18 (IANS) Chinese Nobel laureate Mo Yan has said that he is working on a new novel.

Without giving too much away, Mo, who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2012, told Xinhua that his new book would contain historical and contemporary themes, and would feature farmers, technicians, soldiers, children and craftsmen.

Mo’s announcement followed the release of the latest editions of 11 of his novels in Beijing.

Among the new editions published were “Red Sorghum,” “Frog,” and “Big Breasts and Wide Hips,” which have been translated into English, French, Swedish, Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese.

“I am driven by a desire to write better. I want to pen something that is remembered as a classic in world literature,” he said, adding that the writing process was a test of any writer’s persistence, talent and energy.

“Although I am over 60 years old now, I still dream of writing great literature,” he said. “This passion is what keeps me writing.”

Mo admitted that while he was proud of the accolade, he was looking forward to more Chinese writers being awarded the Nobel Prize.

“As the attention shifts to the new Nobel laureate, I will be able to concentrate more on my own novel.”