Chinese treatment for headache, a man bleeds from forehead: Video

China, October 4: There are different reasons for headache. Headaches are a common ailment affecting people due to different reasons ranging from fatigue to mental stress, and people have various methods of dealing with them be it pills or a head massage.

In China, there is a bizarre process of curing headaches and swelling, which involves making people bleed. It is a traditional method which may look upsetting has now been caught on camera and has been shared widely.

The video shows a man smiling and joking with another person as he has a band around his neck. The other person them punctures his forehead with a needle and blood pours out of the head for a minute, reports

An expert in Chinese medicine described the process as Venipuncture which means cutting the vein to release blood from the body. He also said that the process involved risks of a drop in blood pressure and infection.