Chinese vlogger eats agave thinking it was Aloe Vera.See what happens

Chinese vlogger eats agave thinking it was Aloe Vera.See what happens

Beijing,Jul4:Health vloggers (video bloggers) often indulge in various experiments to motivate their followers and/or subscribers to live and eat healthy.

But a Chinese vlogger who has a huge list of followers on social media and goes by the name Ms Zhang made a blunder and put her health at risk after she ate a posionous plant leaf thinking it’s Aloe Vera.

Zhang livestreamed the video to show her followers the health benefits of Aloe Vera. Little did she know that the Aloe Vera look-alike plant was actually an Agave plant, which as per experts has several toxic compounds.

According to Cornell University, “It contains the incrediby irritating calcium oxylate raphides (microscopic daggers of crystaline oxylate) as well as some other really irritating oils in the sap”.

According to the Telegraph UK, at first, Ms Zhang is heard saying “yum” and “this is great”.

However, things shortly turned sour when she realised there was a problem, complaining the plant tasted “bitter”.

Her mouth went numb and her throat felt like it was “on fire”.

Local reports state that the hospital confirmed that she had indeed consumed the dangerous plant.

Doctors found that the vlogger had broken out in rashes and blisters and were forced to pump her stomach, the Shanghaiist reported.

Her condition is now reportedly stable.

The agave plant has culinary uses, for example in tequila, but needs careful preparation.