Churu girl who was gang raped beaten up,driven over,paralyzed in Rajasthan

Churu girl who was gang raped beaten up,driven over,paralyzed in Rajasthan

CHURU, RAJASTHAN.Jan5: Around 3.30 am on Christmas day, a 15-year-old girl in Rajasthan was allegedly gang-raped and beaten-up by two men, who then drove their motorcycle over her. She survived, but only as a paraplegic — paralysed waist down, with no control over her bladder or bowel.

A police case was filed on Tuesday after her father, a labourer working in Alwar, went home to their village in Churu and heard about the incident.

The man, who has a younger daughter, said he decided to file the FIR despite fears for her safety. In his complaint, he alleged that the men, who are known to the family, had warned him off. “I’m scared, I’m very scared. They’ve picked up one daughter. What if they pick up another? They’re putting pressure on me and the child,” the girl’s father said.

According to the complaint, his elder daughter, a student of Class 12, was picked up by two men she knew. Rakesh and Naresh Bhargava, the complaint said, took her to a spot 2 km from her village.
The complaint said they took turns to rape her, beat her up when she protested and then drove the bike over her prone body. They even threatened her into silence, saying they’ll not call for help if she opened her mouth.

The girl has sustained serious injuries in her spine. Doctors at the Jaipur hospital, where she is admitted, said it might take a very long time to heal.

“There was injury to her spine, so she has paraplegia, which means the lower portion of her body has been paralysed,” said Dr Mrinal Joshi of SMS Hospital. “She has no control over bowel or bladder movements. She’s out of danger and stable, but the injury is serious and will take time to heal.”

The men allegedly involved have now been arrested, but the police said they are yet to be questioned. “We can only determine motive after an interrogation,” said Hanuman Bhati, a senior officer of the local police.