Claire Foy not keen to pursue career in LA

London, Nov 4 (IANS) English actress Claire Foy says she has no overriding desire to move from Britain and hit Hollywood to further her acting career.

She is set to play Queen Elizabeth II in Netflix series “The Crown”.

In an interview to Marie Claire, the 32-year-old actress admitted that while a life in Los Angeles would be exciting, she is not desperate to go out there at all costs, reports

Foy made her fame with TV series like “Little Dorrit”, “Upstairs Downstairs” and “Wolf Hall”.

“There is an idea that that’s where you should want to be, and I’m a bit like, ‘Well, why?’ I don’t think the pinnacle of your career is just getting bigger and bigger,” Foy said.

Dismissing the pressures put upon actors to go to Hollywood in order to find fame, she added: “There are lots of actors who do really good stuff and enjoy it, and are able to do it without having to sacrifice a huge part of their (lives). The idea of moving to America would be exciting but I’m not like, ‘I will go out there at all costs’.”