Class teacher Ilakiya scolds 12-years-old girl for staining clothes with menstrual blood, commits suicide

2 girls students attempt suicide in Social Welfare Resident School at Telangana's Luxettipet District 

Tamil Nadu, August 31: Fazana Karim, a 12-year old girl studying in class 7 at Tamil Nadu committed suicide on Monday after the class teacher, Ilakiya scolded her in class for staining her clothes with menstrual blood.  The class teacher  told Fazana Karim to lift her salwar to check the stain and gave a duster cloth to use as a pad.

The grieving mother of Fazana Karim said that “The friends of Fazana Karim told her that she had stained her uniform. So, Fazana Karim asked her class teacher Ilakiya to help her. The teacher scolded her in front of the whole class. Not only that, the young girl was allegedly chastised for staining her uniform and taken to a higher authority.

According to media reports, in the cabin of Principal Kalavathi, Fazana Karim was mocked and scolded for not knowing how to handle herself while menstruating. “When she came back home on Saturday, all she told me was that she needed to take a bath, her voice was choking.” It was apparently a boy from Fazana’s class, who told them what had happened on Saturday.

She jumped from a second floor of the 25-foot high building in her hometown, Tirunelvelli that is around 600 kilometers from Chennai. She was immediately taken to the Palayamkottai GH but died on the way. The girl left behind a note in which she described about the torture given by the teacher. The woman teacher has been charged with aiding suicide at the private school.

Fazana Karim’s father is an autorickshaw driver and drops and picks his daughter everyday from school. When her father asked that how is she doing in class, the teacher complained that Fazana Karim was not doing her homework. Her mother Rasavamal said that ” Everyday, she used to get beatings from her teacher in school. But we told her that if she finishes her homework in time, it would not happen. Rasavamal added that “She was a very sensitive child and school is only responsible for the death of my daughter.”

The Police have filed a case of abetment of suicide but no arrest has happened till now. The Palayamkottai police has refused the allegations of the family. An investigating official said that “The Revenue District officer visited the school and has spoken to students and teachers.  Till now no such incident has been reported. The investigating official added that “A report would be submitted to the collector shortly. But from what we have found, the girl had some family problems.

Reportedly, Fazana Karim’s mother denied and said that “That is outrageous.” There are no problems and they are only telling lies to hide the truth behind the death of my daughter. However, the police is still waiting for the collector’s orders to take further actions in the case. Sandeep Nanduri, the District Collector said that an investigation has been ordered in the case. He added that “Right now we are hearing different versions. Only after the investigation is completed, there would be more clarity in the case.”