CM offers Rs 5.5 Cr at temple in drought-hit Telangana

Telangana CM Chandrashekhar Rao.

Hyderabad, Feb 27: The people of Telangana is struggling to get along with the miseries in life terribly affected by drought and famine. There are no effective moves from the government to fight the burning summer and water scarcity.

The severe shortage of water and food materials are forcing the farmers, to sell their cattle at cheap prices. People have started migrating to Pune, Mumbai, Bhiwandi, Ahmedabad and Surat looking for work.

This is the present living condition in the youngest state in India, which is experiencing the worst ever drought in its history.

What action did Chief Minister take?

The Chief Minister of Telangana, K Chandrasekhara Rao, has made an offering at the Thiruppathi temple. The offering is worth Rs. 5.5 Crores. The amount needed to buy the gold ornaments is taken from the State’s treasury. That is Chief Minister Chandrasekhara Rao has offered Rs. 5.5 crores worth gold ornaments to Thirupathy temple bought with the money taken from the Treasury. Such a huge amount, which shall be used for the development of the State as well as for fighting such natural disasters, has turned to a dead asset, digging one side and piling up the other side.

It was offered to the successful formation of the Telangana State. A lotus-shaped necklace weighing 14 Kilogrammes and five layered chain weighing 4.65 Kilogrammes worth Rs. 5.5 Crore were offered by the Chief Minister Chandrasekhara Rao. While the tax paid by people of the state shall only be used for the welfare of the people, the offerings made by the Chief Minister has paved the way for new controversies.

Two third of the Telangana state is severely stricken with the life-threatening effects of drought and famine. No effective measures are implemented at Telangana for the survival of the people. The Chief Minister Chandrasekhara Rao has spent such huge amounts even before, for making such offerings to temples. During last year, a crown worth crores of rupees was dedicated to the deity of Warangal.

From the time of State formation, the Chief Minister was facing criticism for spending the state’s money for luxury and for performing rituals.

50 crores were spent for the costruction and furnishing of Chief Minister’s official residence in  Hyderabad. Even the restrooms at this official residence are made bullet proof.