Cold war between Shruti Haasan and Gauthami, the reason for her separation with Kamal Haasan?

Chennai, November 1: When the sensational news of Kalmal Haasan and Gauthami separation came out, naturally the reason behind their separation would become the talk in the media.

The couple have started living together since 2005 after Kamal Haasan had separated from his wife Sarika, mother of his two daughters.

The reason for his separation with Sarika is also unknown and the duo is in the habit of greeting each other on special occasions as well as when they happen to meet.

Gauthami was married to a businessman named Sandeep Bhatia in 1998 and gave birth to Subbalakshmi in 1999. On the same year their relationship had ended in a divorce.

Kamal Haasan and Gauthami had never got married, as they do not believe in the institution of marriage.

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Shruti Haasan’s relationship with Gauthami

Once when media person asked about Shruti calling Gauthami as Mom, Shruthi replied that, “Why should I call her mom? I have a mother and she is Sarika. My mother everything to me  more than a friend to me.”

She added that, her father is a very important part in her universe and if he finds happiness with someone, I respect them.”

A few months back, there have been certain reports that, Shruti and Gauthami are not in good terms. They even had open fights in shooting location of the film Sabash Naidu, regarding costumes designed by Gauthami. The father and daughter duo are reportedly playing their real life relation in the film and Gautami is doing the costumes for Shruti.

The problem arise over the costumes designed by Gautami which shruthi did not like.

This became a burning issue between the two, and later shruti’s spokesperson had issued a statement explaining that they are always in good relation and the costumes issue is sorted professionally.

Kamal Haasan and Gauthami Split: Kamal Haasan denies the statement over separation, issued in his name

Sabash Naidu is the film in which Kamal Haasan is acting for the first time with his daughter Shruti Haasan.

Gautami is working as a designer for the film Sabash Naidu.

As usual, Kamal Haasan himself directs the film.

Shruti does not like the costumes designed by Gauthami. Ans Shruthi, is frequently raising complaints regarding her.

Kamal Haasan has become a in great trouble as the war is between two essential persons in his life.

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