Cold waves envelope Himachal Pradesh

Shimla, (Himachal Pradesh), [India], Jan. 22 (ANI): Cold waves enveloped Himachal Pradesh on Sunday with most of the places recording sub-zero temperatures.
Shimla continues to remain covered under thick blanket of snow.
"It's been more 10-15 days now. We are facing difficulties every day. Many vehicles are stuck under snow. Electricity is still hampered and roads are too slippery to walk on. I think it will take 10-15 days for the weather to get normal," said Rakesh Sharma, a local resident.
Snow plunged Keylong temperature to -6.7 degrees followed by Kalpa -2.6 degrees. Shimla's temperature is around 4.0 degrees while Manali at 2.9 degrees. (ANI)