Colombian couple stuck in Agra because of demonetization gets help from readers

 Agra,Dec1:Stephen Gomez (40) and Alexandra Forero (34), a couple from Bogota in Colombia who landed in India shortly before demonetisation and got dollars worth a lakh rupees exchanged at airport, were stuck in Agra with valid cash of just Rs 500 which is barely sufficient to pay for their next frugal meal.They  will soon be able to head to Jaipur, thanks to scores of readers who have offered to help the stranded Colombian couple, left with their last Rs 500 note, to give them money to pay their hotel bills and help them tour India.
TOI had on Monday reported about the couple stuck in Agra, without valid currency and a credit card that has been exhausted. Gomez, 40, and Forero, 34, had landed in India shortly before demonetization and got dollars worth a lakh of rupees exchanged at the airport. Now, they just have Rs 500 in valid currency in their pocket.
 One Subhabrata Kundu wrote via mail: “I have a few relatives there (in Agra) who can help the couple with some cash.” A doctor who did not wish to be named said, “I have lived in Colombia and have been helped so many times by complete strangers in that country. I would consider it an honor if I could help these people. Kindly pass on my email to them or give me their contact information so that I can help them in whatever way I can.”
 Several others expressed similar intent. The couple was “grateful” albeit a little awkward with all the offers of help. The government, too, has woken up to the woes of foreign tourists. SR Meena, assistant director, India tourism, accompanied regional director Arun Srivastav on an inspection on Tuesday to the Taj Mahal and other monuments to get a first hand report on inconveniences faced by foreign tourists. They will soon submit a report to the ministry of tourism.