Con bride arrested in UP , involvement in marriage fraud in Moradabad

Lucknow, July 3: The story of “con bride” Renu Sagar a.k.a Anshu Singh looks straight out of a masala Bollywood flick. All these years, she was befooling gullible men in the pretext of love and tricked them to part with their valuables. Finally, police in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, managed to arrest Renu based on a false case she had lodged against one of her “victims”.

The ‘fraudster’ woman in order to take revenge against her ‘prey’, Raghav Sharma, decided to lodge a false complaint against him. Renu accused Raghav of assaulting her. The con woman wanted to see Raghav behind the bars as he did not agree to fulfill her demands. The police, during its investigation, found out that it was not Raghav but Renu, who is the real culprit.

The officials found that Renu is known to be a notorious criminal who in the past has trapped many men in love and robbed them of their savings.

Raghav met Renu during his visit to a hotel in March 2016. At that time, Renu was working as a kitchen designer in the hotel. Immediately, they hit it off. Renu convinced Raghav to give her Rs 5 lakh. He also gave the con woman a house in Mansarover area of Moradabad. During their trip to Haridwar, Renu took some intimate pictures with Raghav which she furnished as a proof against him in the police station. However, this time she failed to fool the cops and got arrested.