Congress advises Muslim community to evaluate misuse of Triple Talaq

Triple Talaq
Triple Talaq: AIMPLB urges SC not to interfere in one's faith

New Delhi, March 30: After a Triple Talaq victim wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealing to abolish the practice, the Congress Party has advised the Muslim community in the nation to evaluate the misuse of the system.
Congress leader K Rahman Khan said that primarily if the woman is pregnant then the Talaq could not be considered as valid according to Islam divorce law.
“I would like to advise the community to evaluate such issues, especially on the misuse of the Triple Talaq. The Muslim personal law board should take this matter into consideration and strict action shall be taken against those who misuses it,” Khan told ANI.
He also advised the lady to be present an appeal in the Shariat court. Earlier, raising her opinion against the Triple Talaq, a pregnant woman, Shagufta Shah, addressed to Prime Minister Modi requesting him to ban the controversial tradition, after she was deserted by her husband.
She has also sent a copy of the letter to Uttar Pradesh CM Adityanath.
The Supreme court has been hearing a number of petitions against Triple Talaq demanding a ban of the same. (ANI)