Congress-backed NSUI:Pool parties and McDonalds burgers lured students to vote

Congress-backed NSUI:Pool parties and McDonalds burgers lured students to vote

NEW DELHI,Sept18: After a high-stakes battle over the last couple of weeks, Delhi was witness to India’s most reputed universities Jawaharlal Nehru University and Delhi University declare election results for their students’ unions. The Congress-backed NSUI made a comeback in Delhi University defeating the BJP-linked ABVP. On The NDTV Dialogues this week, Rocky Tuseed, the new President of the Delhi University Students Union or DUSU said, “Students this time voted for a change, they don’t like politics of hatred and division.”

On ABVP’s loss, the new secretary of DUSU, Mahamedha Nagar of Miranda House said, “False propaganda helped NSUI win. Unfortunately temptations like pool parties and McDonalds burgers lured the students.”

Akshay Marathe, Spokesperson of the Students’ Wing of AAP that didn’t contest polls, said, “The national message here is there is growing frustration among youth that promises of job haven’t been delivered.”

Are the JNU and Delhi University Student Union elections a reflection of the pulse of students across the nation? Senior journalist Shekhar Gupta said, “Students are liberal” and “The larger message for BJP is: young people on campuses don’t need to be taught patriotism.”

Asked if student politics is also fought today on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s brand, the National Media Convener of ABVP, Saket Bahuguna said, “ABVP does not fight elections on anybody’s name, we fight on our own ideology.”

Debating whether nationalism or jobs is a talking point for campaigns, Ms Nagar added, “ABVP’s campaigns are not based on patriotism. Patriotism needs to come from within and can’t be taught.”

On whether students who are active in politics be successful in national politics, activist Gurmehar Kaur, also a student of Delhi University who was criticized for her viral video message on Indo-Pak peace including by ministers, said, “You can’t enter politics when you don’t have backing and there is backlash for a viewpoint expressed.”