Congress, BJP fight it over ‘pakoda’ in Twitter

Congress, BJP fight it over 'pakoda' in Twitter

New Delhi , Jan 29: We have seen political parties involving in heated arguments over various issues of public interest. Now, hot exchange between BJP and Congress in social media platform Twitter is over ‘pakoda’.

In the thick of the action is former Finance Minister and senior Congress leader P. Chidambaram, who took a jibe on Prime Minister Narendra Modi  accusing the BJP of “distorting” and “deflecting” the debate on jobs by discussing ‘pakoda’.

He took on to Twitter to say “A young man who sells pakodas is honourably self-employed, but poor and aspirational. Ask him and he will tell you that he aspires for a regular and secure job. I empathise with him,”.

BJP went one step ahead and made a video out of the Twitter jibe to depict Congress was anti-poor. The BJP called Congress ‘elitist’ and accused it of insulting poor. Here take a look.

It all started from an interview Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave to Zee News. In which he said ‘pakoda’ seller earning Rs 200 a day should also be considered employed. The social media started discussing ‘Pakoda politics’ soon after the interview.

Chidambaram had earlier tweeted, “Even selling pakodas is a ‘job’, said PM. By that logic, even begging is a job. Let’s count poor or disabled persons who are forced to beg for a living as ’employed’ people”.