Congress has tried everything possible to delay Narmada project, says Prime Minister Narendra Modi

PM lauds Sunni Waqf Board for distancing from Sibal's statement

Gandhinagar/Gujarat, November 29: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a public meeting at Palitana launched heavy criticism over congress.

From Narendra Modi’s Speech. “Do you remember the water shortage in the region? This is because Congress controlled the tanker business. It suited them to have this shortage. The BJP has changed this in the last 22 years. We have made the tanker industry irrelevant.”

“If Congress was in power Narmada waters would never come here and the farmers would have been disadvantaged. Congress has tried everything possible to delay the project, said Prime Minister Modi in Palitana.

He further added,” When I was Chief Minister I would plead to the Congress and Congress leaders in Gujarat to let us get the Narmada project moving and help our farmers but Congress was not interested.”

“They hate development, they hate Gujarat, they hate Modi & now they hate sweat also. That is because they have never had to sweat it out in life & work hard. They are mocking everyone who works hard. This is their mindset. Such hatred for the poor is shocking,” said Prime Minister Modi in Palitana.