Couldn’t afford hospital charges for treating Dengue: Woman threw her child into well

Couldn't afford hospital charges for treating Dengue: Woman threw her child into well

Chennai/ Tamil Nadu, October 4: It shook the nation when a woman threw her six-month-old son into a well and jumped after him as she didn’t have enough money to treat his son who was suffering from suspected dengue.

P Anbukodi, the 32-year-old woman who hailed from Tamil Nadu’s Namakkal district took the extreme step on Monday night. Perisaswamy, Anbukodi’s husband is a barber.

The child, after falling sick, was taken to a private hospital on Monday morning where he was confirmed suffering from dengue. A huge bill of Rs 5,000 per day was presented before his parents. As they couldn’t afford the amount, the couple returned to Belukuruchi with their son around 11 pm on Monday.

Perisaswamy, at around 3.30 am, found that his wife and child was missing. Later in the morning, neighbors found their bodies lying in the well near their house.

The bodies were retrieved from the well by fire and rescue personnel and sent to Rasipuram government hospital for autopsy. A case has been registered by the police and further investigations are going on.

It is high time that the disease needs to be tackled as it has already claimed 27 lives in Tamil Nadu. The state has reported 10,000 cases of various fever.

The disease spread by the bite of Aedes Aegypti mosquito is increasing at an alarming rate. People when affected, are forced to go to private hospitals as government hospitals are overcrowded, delay in diagnosis and the patients have to suffer.

Even though the government has allocated Rs 16 crore for mosquito eradication programme, it couldn’t prevent dengue as the disease-spreading mosquito breeds in clean water and the workers found it difficult to achieve significant success.

People need to be cautious and take precautions during monsoon and have to ensure that water is not getting accumulated anywhere. It takes 21 days for anti-dengue operation people to completely sanitize the area.

Earlier stage of dengue can be easily cured, rush to the doctor immediately if you are feeling sick.