This Couple spends their life time savings for distributing sanitary napkins to 2000 Girls

Surat, May 12: Food, shelter and dress may be the basic necessities but that alone not enough to live. This couple from Surat realized it and launched a new drive to provide hygiene kits to the girls in the city.

Meena Mehta and her husband Atul was inspired by Sudha Murty, the chairperson of Infosys foundation and a social worker who sent trucks of sanitary napkin to Chennai after Tsunami in 2004.

The hygiene kits contain of sanitary napkins, two sets of undergarments, one bar of soap, and four shampoo sachets, which these unprivileged girls find it very useful.

“They have hugged me with tears and have said this is the best gift that they ever got,” Meena says.

The couple distributes these kits once every month in 22 government schools and in some special schools for differently abled students.

“I started the distribution among five girls in the beginning, now we provide these kits to 2000 girls and women,” she said.


In Surat government schools most of the girls come to study from slums, where they cannot afford these things.

Apart from sanitary napkins distribution among girls Meena also provides undergarments for young boys who are underprivileged.

“I don’t leave these kits with school teachers to distribute. I meet girls personally and gift them these kits,” she added.

Meena continues : “We could bring a rule also that absentees will not get the kit. So the number of absentees and drop out reduced as they come regularly that they don’t know which day I would make a visit.”


Meena also provides a facility to the girls to choose their favourite colours in undergarments.

“They are excited to select them when I put all colours in the table,” she says.

Apart from some contribution from friends and family the entire activity is self funded by the couple. They use their life time savings for this.

About Rs. 70,000 to 1 lakh is spent on purchasing the kits every month and each kit costs Rs. 50-60.

Almost all girls were using unhygienic clothes earlier, that they hesitated to accept pads from Meena in the beginning.

But later she was successful in making them aware about hygiene.

Images Courtsey: The Better India.