Court asks former MP to vacate government bungalow

New Delhi, May 5:A court here has asked former Rajya Sabha member Akhilesh Das Gupta to vacate the government bungalow which he has been occupying even after being asked to vacate it by the authorities.

In his recent order, district judge Amar Nath asked the former MP to vacate bungalow 11 at Lodhi Estate which was allotted to him in November 2002 when he was a Rajya Sabha member.

Gupta was elected to the Upper House of Parliament first in November 1996 and was re-elected in 2002 as a Congress member. He was elected to the Rajya Sabha again in 2008 as a Bahujan Samaj Party member.

Gupta’s term in the Rajya Sabha expired in November 2014, but he was allowed to stay in the bungalow by the Rajya Sabha secretariat on payment of rent at market value till March 25, 2015.

He was further allowed to stay at the government accommodation till June 26, 2015. However, after that the Rajya Sabha secretariat did not extend his stay and on January 15, 2016 he was asked to vacate the premises.

Gupta then approached the Delhi court, seeking to retain the bungalow on the ground that he had been paying the rent. However, the court rejected his plea and asked him to vacate the accommodation.