Court sentences 15 months imprisonment to Michelle Carter for encouraging boyfriend to commit suicide

Court sentences 15 months imprisonment to Michelle Carter for encouraging boyfriend to commit suicide

New York/United States, August 4: Michelle Carter, 20-year old Massachusetts woman who supported her teenage boyfriend, Conrad Roy to commit suicide has been punished. A judge on Thursday issued a statement that Michelle Carter would be sentenced to two and a half years, with 15 months behind the bars. The death of Conrad Roy was due to carbon monoxide poisoning, in July 2017.

Reportedly, Michelle Carter exchanged hundreds of text messages with Conrad Roy, continuously pleading him to follow his plan of ending his life and hide it from his parents. The defence lawyer of Michelle Carter said that “she was 17 years old at that time, who suffered from eating and depressive disorders. These reasons had influenced her her actions. “However, Judge Lawrence Moniz said that after the punishment of 15 months imprisonment, the sentence would be suspended until August 1, 2022.

Conrad Roy’s father said to the Taunton juvenile court that, “he is heartbroken over his son’s death and accused Michelle Carter of his son’s death. How could Michelle Carter react so wrongly and reassured my son to end his life? has she lost all her humanity?”, he asked. Reportedly, Conrad Roy’s mother added that, “I pray that may his death would save lives one day”, said in a report read out by the prosecution. She also mentioned that there should be amendments in the law to safeguard against those families abiding the same pain. She aslo said that, “she has not accepted any duty. she did not show any grief.”

The prosecution lawyer called a sentence of between 7 and 12 years. Reportedly, the prosecutor told the court that, ” Only her actions killed Conrad Roy and she tried to end to his life to improve her life.”

Joseph Cataldo, Michelle Carter’s lawyer said that, “It is an awful tragedy. He also requested 5 years of  supervised trail with conditions including mental health counselling. The prosecutors mentioned at the trial that Michelle Carter stayed on the phone till her boyfriend died in the truck. Michelle Carter’s psychiatrist Peter Breggin said that, ” Michelle Carter’s own treatment would have inhibited her state of mind.”