Creeper follows woman from Mumbai to Delhi, forced to quit studies, using mobile phone and going out

Creeper follows woman from Mumbai to Delhi, forced to quit studies, using mobile phone and going out. Photo: Twitter

Mumbai/Maharashtra, September 20: A stranger made the life of a 24-year old woman terrible that she cancelled her plans to study at Mumbai and shifted back to Delhi. According to reliable sources, the woman thought all her troubles ended but she did not knew that still there is threat to her safety.

According to official sources, the 24-year old woman told police that she moved to Mumbai a few months ago where she applied in a  few colleges and had met many new people. One of them whom she met was the youth who later began to stalk her and used to call her at odd hours. The woman further said that he would come at the place wherever she went and would send her gifts with messages that he loved her and wanted to marry her.

The woman got scared thinking that if she rejects the stalker, he might harm her and so she informed her parents and moved back to Delhi. Everything was going normal for few days until the stalker reached Delhi. The woman continuously asked him to stop following her but he did not stop. The police said that the stalker started calling the woman using different phone numbers. She blocked all those numbers, but it did not stop him.

The stalker continued to call her from one number after another. It resulted in a terrible dream that the woman switched off her phone and later stopped using a cellphone. When the stalker found out that he could not he her on the phone, he began calling up her father and older brother, asking them to hand the phone to her or he would come to their place and create a ruckus.

Getting afraid about the stalker crossing the line, the family went to Jafrabad police station where the woman’s statement was taken and a complaint was registered. a senior police officer said that “A case under sections dealing with stalking and threatening was registered and a special team has been formed to nab the accused. He seems to have fled the capital and added that the youth was a college student pursuing a B.Com degree.