Cross country race runner collides with deer during race in Pennsylvania,US

Pennsylvania,Nov18:Drivers in forested areas should always be on alert for deer, but apparently runners need to watch out too.

Justin DeLuzio, a senior on the Gwynedd Mercy University cross country team, was just starting off on his final race when an unexpected competitor crossed his path, reports CBS Sports.

Justin DeLuzio, a Gwynedd Mercy senior, was running in an 8k race on the DeSales race route just after noon when at least 10 deer ran into a line of runners from their left, and one of them hit him.

“Watch out for the deer!” someone yelled as two deer passed DeLuzio before the third one rammed his stomach and flipped him to the ground. At least seven more deer followed but missed the other runners.

Teammate Matt French stopped to help DeLuzio back up and then ran with him over the four remaining miles to make sure he wasn’t seriously hurt, according to Gynedd Griffins website.

While the runners made their way through a field, a group of deer charged across the area at the same time, hoofing straight through the clump of runners. Agile and graceful creatures, the deer were able to weave their way around the humans. Well, except for one.

An animal in the group didn’t swerve fast enough and ended up clothes-lining DeLuzio, knocking him to the ground before prancing forth. The jarring hit can be seen in the top left corner of the video above, taken by onlooker Eric Bologa.

“I sat there in disbelief, I wasn’t quite sure what had happened,’ ” DeLuzio told Fox Sports. “Part of me was like ‘This is your last race! Get up!’ while the other part was like ‘I just got hit by a deer! Take a breath and acknowledge what just happened!’ ”