Crush 300 PET Bottles an Hour and Say Goodbye to Plastic Waste: Thanks to this Machine

A new machine has come to our rescue to cursh the waste plastic right away and is later converted into flakes that can be recycled.

The machine is known as BioCrux which is an automatic and compact machine which crushes all Plythylene terephthalate (PET). All you need to do is ninsert the plastic waste into the machine and let it do its job.

”Every time someone drops a bottle inside the refrigerator-sized machine, BioCrux senses it and starts working automatically. The flakes are stored in a bin that can accumulate up to 500 bottles or 10 kg of flakes. BioCrux can crunch 300 bottles in an hour and accept 200 to 2,000 ml bottles. The machine weighs 375 kg and is available in different phase connections, like 440 watts and 220 watts” The Better India reports.

Ajay Mishra is the inventor of the magical machine who began his mission after quitting his job. He worked for 12 years with different companies before quitting his job in order to start BioCrux.

Ajay joined other two individuals to start the invention and execute the fabrication firm for the final development of BioCrux. According to reports, almost 50 kg of PET waste and nearly 2,500 plastic bottles are generated every day at Elephanta Caves, Mumbai. With the invention of BioCrux, now wehave a chance to work towards environment-friendly solutions and make our planet less plastic-polluted.

According to The Better India reports,”one machine costs Rs. 2 lakh. BioCrux is currently installed in 15 locations in four cities across the country. “We wanted to create a sustainable solution to make it possible for common people like us to participate in environment conservation activities. With BioCrux, we can ensure that the waste accumulated because of PET bottles is taken care of at the source of generation itself, and the chances of it ending up in landfills are reduced,” says Ajay Mishra, the founder of BioCrux India Private Limited”.

The places where this amchine is installed include four Infosys campuses in Bangalore and Mysore, Taj Hotel in Mumbai, Elephanta Caves in Mumbai. The next mission of the team is to install such machines across the country including hotels, resorts, malls, multiplexes, colleges, residential and commercial properties, clubs, and other public places as they have a high rate of PET bottle waste generation.

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