Supportive Parvathy TK ‘respectably’ slammed for eating popcorn

Parvathy TK Photo: Twitter.

Michel Jackson ate popcorn, Sreenivasan ate popcorn then came Parvathy TK  and got roasted more than the popcorn. Mammootty fan’s  ego is such and they are showing the vengeance and mansplaining new lessons to Parvathy on an odd occasion.

Many people came forward in solidarity with Sreejith who is fighting for justice and Parvathy also put a Facebook status in Malayalam and got bullied again by various Facebook users. But here the reason for bullying was the same old ‘Kasaba’ and her popcorn eating tweet.

Parvathy in her Facebook post stated her respect and solidarity for the protest of Sreejith. But the wounded Kasaba fans were looking for a chance again to ‘mock the chick who insulted their Ikka’. Funnily their focus is on popcorn and it shows that trauma is still haunting them. Anyhow all these bully minds now showing respect even though they are slamming her. That could count as the effect of arrest after Parvathy’s complaint. People are frustrated at Parvathy because of another reason too. In their perception, Parvathy got consideration from the police just because of her celebrity status and  Sreejith not getting that from the same police force because he is nobody.