Cyclone Alert sounded in Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad, May 20: After creating a ruckus in Chennai by raining continously for more than 24 hours, clouds have turned their way out to Andhra Pradesh.

The weather department has issued warning of heavy rains along coastal Andhra Pradesh. It is also expected that cyclone Roanu which has destructed many parts of Sri Lanka is now moving towards Indian Coastal region.

Heavy rainfall has been predicted in Andhra Pradesh for next 24 hours along with wind speed reaching upto 110 kmph. Fishermen have been warned living and working around the sea coasts in the areas.

After Sri Lanka got hit by cyclone Roanu, Indian government has made all the efforts to help, by sending essentials such as food, water, medicines and NDRF teams. According to reports, more than 11 people have been killed in Sri Lanka and 200 families are still missing following a series of mudslides.

Meanwhile, Northern parts of the country are hit by heat waves since last two days and are likely to continue. The states which are affected majorly are Rajasthan, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana and Maharashtra. Mercury has crossed 50’C mark in Rajasthan this week which is the highest temperature recorded in the history. IMD has warned the cities not to go out during peak hours and avoid facing the heat out in the sun.