Damon praises ‘The Great Wall’ for strong female character

Los Angeles, Feb 1 (IANS) Hollywood actor Matt Damon is so impressed with the importance given to Chinese actress Jing Tians character Lin Mae in “The Great Wall”, that he is willing to change the film’s title to “The Women and The Wall”.

Praising Tian’s portrayal as powerful Lin Mae, Damon said in a statement that one might call the Zhang Yimou directorial “The Women and The Wall”.

Highlighting the importance of Lin Mae in shaping up the film, Damon said: “Lin Mae eventually becomes the General in charge of the entire army. She’s an extremely powerful person. He (William – played by Damon) changes completely based on his time in the Fortress City, and a lot of that happens through the character of Lin Mae.”

Describing her character, Tian said: “Lin Mae is a General who leads the Chinese Army. She is a woman of many virtues. She is strong, brave, reliable, determined and daring. She has all the talent and wisdom needed to lead The Nameless Order. As a female general, she is the ‘girl power’ in a film dominated by male characters.”

The film will be released in India by Universal Pictures India on February 3.