Dances, acrobatic performance showcased at Chinese cultural show

New Delhi, Jan 19 (IANS) Group dances and solo performances by artistes and acrobats were highlights of a cultural show held here as part of the Chinese New Year 2017 celebrations.

The Chinese Embassy here organised the show to promote and deepen cultural ties between China and India, an official said.

“The aim of this show is to represent a slice of Chinese culture to friends in India, and to strengthen bilateral cultural cooperation between the two nations,” officials in the embassy said at the event held here on Wednesday evening.

“I believe it will make Indian people know more about the diversified and rich culture of China, thus further deepening cultural cooperation and exchange between our two great countries,” said Zhang Zhihong, a Chinese diplomat here.

Stomping dance – a folk dance with more than 2,000-year history in China, was also performed. Some artistes even danced to Bollywood tunes.

A group also performed “Kumuzi” – a musical performance using a specific instrument which showcased a part of herdsmen’s life of local Chinese people.

Various Chinese artists from the Xinjiang Art Theatre Song and Dance Troupe from China performed here on late Wednesday evening.

China’s traditional “Bowl dance” was also performed.