Dating Couples Beware, Love Detectives on the Prowl

Marriages are made in heaven,” goes the old English proverb. The traditional Indian society firmly clings to this idea. It also believes planetary positions and conjunctions strongly influence people’s conjugal lives, a good deal. That explains the flurry of horoscope matching that occurs before an actual wedding. Above all, the choice of partner by parents or elders is sacrosanct. Even a whimper of protest is stamped out.
Parents scrutinize the family background, social status, caste /sub caste not forgetting character of the prospective bride / groom, in the hope of a bright future. A young man or woman’s choice of a life partner, is largely frowned upon, and sometimes severely dealt with.
Unfortunately, the Internet Revolution, coupled with the ever growing presence of social media has thrown these conventions to the winds. For diehards, it is an uphill task to keep a tab on the choices, ideas and social activities of their children. Nowadays youngsters hardly spend time, or have meals with their families. Hence the parents are worried lest their offspring fall into bad company, are led astray or enter disastrous marriages.
Parents can now heave a sigh of relief. Enter a new bunch of professionals who call themselves Love Detectives. They make it their business to trace the true nature activities and whereabouts of the young crowd. For a price of course.

"This is my best disguise," says Rajani. "Because no one knows who is behind the burqa. It makes it easy for me to follow them."

“This is my best disguise,” says Rajani. “Because no one knows who is behind the burqa. It makes it easy for me to follow them.”

Meet Mumbai-based Rajani Pandit, the country’s first woman detective. The elderly lady takes her profession seriously.” I am married to my profession,” she chuckles. Indeed she leaves no stones unturned to deliver what her clients want. It is an interesting life for Rajani, albeit a little hectic. When she is not meeting clients, she is shadowing youths, at her clients’ bidding. To this end, she often needs to don disguises, wear dark glasses, and sometimes pretend to be indisposed, to be able to inch close to the persons concerned. Rajani advocates arranged marriages any day. She feels in a negotiated match both the parties can gather adequate information regarding the bride and groom to be. “On the contrary, in love marriages both parties are virtually kept in the dark, as very little information seeps through” she says. Till date Rajani claims to have solved nearly 7500 case, saving a number of families from disaster and social stigma, in the process.

Akriti Khatri is 29 and already manages her own detective agency in Delhi.

Akriti Khatri is 29 and already manages her own detective agency in Delhi.

Yet another Love Detective Aakriti Khatri enjoys being in this profession. Her clientele comprises mostly young women who employ her to ferret out details about the guys they are dating or are engaged to. In cases where Aakriti fishes out sordid details, hysterical scenes follow. “The young ones are heartbroken to realize they were being taken for a ride,” she concludes.
The ultimate goal of the new genre of love detectives seems to be, to ensure young women don’t fall into traps laid by scheming, cunning acquaintances, marry “Mr Right” chosen by the doting elders, and live happily ever after.