Death threats over marriage news: Transgender couple from Thiruvananthpuram files complaint

Death threats over marriage news: Transgender couple from Thiruvananthpuram files complaint. Photograph: Twitter

Thiruvananthpuram, August 28: The nice comments which the transgender couple got on social media changed overnight to threats. Sukanyeah, a male to female transgender felt in love with a female to male transgender, Aarav. Sukanyeah said over phone from Bengaluru that “Threats are saying that they will kill both of us and abuse was not just for us but also for people who said good things about us.” She finds it safer in Bengaluru; people do not stop to stare at them or interfere in their lives. They are left alone with their choices.

They are been mocked for reasons like their huge age difference – she is 21, he is 46. “Its our own choice, not anyone else should commit on it. We just want to live our lives quietly, without coming into any controversy,” said Sukanyeah. Aarav lost his job in Dubai after they knew about his sex-change surgery. Sukanyeah is working in the IT industry.

The couple registered complaints at the cyber crime cell in Bengaluru and in Kottayam. Sukanyeah  added that “We could only complain about the death threats, there are seven of them. All the other abuse, all the cuss words, will not be taken into account. I have also tried to report it to Facebook many times, but the response has been unsatisfactory.”

Previously, the attacks came from fake profiles, which they did not take seriously. But later it grew in number and abusive comments came from real profiles too. “Comments like we should name our child ‘Nayanthara’.” They were also accused of using the publicity to raise funds.

“We did not go to any media with our story. It is when the doctor who treats us both, said a friend wants to interview us that we gave the first one. And then others called us. Now we are avoiding interviews. We just want to live quietly.”