Deepa Jayakumar finally gets to see her: At Rajaji Hall

Chennai, Dec 06: Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa Jayakumar pays tribute to her at Rajaji Hall in Chennai.

Deepa had been denied access to Jayalalithaa at Apollo hospitals. According to reports, AIADMK cadre refused her entry and asked her to leave, even turning abusive at one point, leading to a scuffle.
Speaking to the media outside the hospital, Deepa said: “I am not being allowed inside the hospital. I want to ask them why am I not being allowed inside? On whose orders am I being kept outside?”
Deepa had earlier too made an attempt to see Jayalalithaa in the beginning of October, but was denied entry into the hospital then as well. She had reportedly waited outside the hospital for three days to meet the CM.
Even after she identified herself, and said that she would not leave until she had a chance to see the chief minister, she said that she was told “some person in high authority” would get in touch with her — but the call never came.
“There is some block. There is somebody, I cannot say who. There is definitely someone who is blocking (me from) meeting my aunt. I want to hold her hand, tend to her during this critical time. I want to be next to her and take care of her. But there is some block,” she was quoted as saying by the media.