Deepika Padukone and her femininity campaign: ‘Tere Saath Hai Tu’

NewDelhi,Oct1:Like being an actress and a fine entertainer wasn’t enough, Deepika Padukone went ahead to pick up the creative hat for a new campaign for her fashion brand for women, ‘All about you – by Deepika Padukone’. According to reports, when the team was brainstorming Padukone came up with an idea that was instantly loved by everyone and it formed the core philosophy of the campaign.
According to a statement, Padukone said, “I have been deeply involved from design to execution (of the campaign). And I also feel strongly about it since it’s about inner strength, modern femininity and elegance.”
The TV commercial (TVC) shows how women can conquer the world if ‘Tere Saath Hai Tu’ (You are with you). The TVC starts with the actress contemplating just minutes before delivering a talk. Before walking to the stage, she takes a pause to compose herself and then confidently leaves out the script to deliver a speech from the heart.

The second story features a guitarist prepping for her first music class as a teacher. She walks through the streets of Kolkata and just before opening the door to her classroom, pauses to straighten out things in her head and walks in to take a wonderful class, impressing her students on the first day itself.
The third story is of a young girl, who is in an ecstatic yet nervous state because of a big moment in her personal life. She is seen taking a ferry ride to propose to the guy of her dreams. Even there, she takes a moment to be with herself before she drops the bomb and he agrees.

All the three stories interwoven together to form the narrative of the TVC talks about finding ‘your inner strength’ and ‘believing in yourself’.