Deepika Padukone makes show host James Corden do the ‘lungi dance’

Deepika Padukone makes show host James Corden do the ‘lungi dance’

The Late Late Show With James Corden will have Bollywood’s leggy lass, Deepika Padukone, making a rather glam appearance. She is hot, fierce and totally unmissable on screen as Serena Unger in xXx: Return of Xander Cage and she is Bollywood’s best rep when she appears on American chat shows to promote her film.

Thanks to Deepika, the show’s episode, which is to air on Thursday, is going to be nothing like what you have seen so far. Deepika will be accompanied by Vin Diesel who is also appearing for the first time on the show as well. While Vin has his macho avatar on, Deepika is the new groove queen.

Earlier, during their promotional tour to India for xXx, the actor made Vin do the same dance steps and he totally nailed it. Well, going by the glimpses we have, James is equally thrilled. Who knew lungi dance would be so famous after all?

Deepika’s Hollywood debut as Serena Unger has received lots of love in India. The actor took to her Twitter to thanks fans for showering so much of love on the film. She wrote,”beyond thrilled & overwhelmed with the amazing response & reactions to #SerenaUnger!#xXx :ReturnOfXanderCage Thank You for all the LOVE!”

Before the duo shot for the video, the actors shared some behind the scene glimpses. In the video, Vin spoke about his India visit for promoting xXx as well his “my girl” Deepika Padukone. He also shared how nervous he was to promote the film on the show.