Delhi and the National Capital Region schools issue advisory over rise in pollution levels

Gurugram, November 4: Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) is struggling with polluted air. A few privately-run schools in Gurugram have declared holidays. Certain other schools issued advisories directing students to wear masks. the schools have also suspended its outdoor activities.

Many schools have decided against declaring holidays and decided to take proactive steps, hoping that the situation will improve by Monday.

“The school authority gave us an advisory to mask our children so that they are protected from the pollution. Many schools are also closed due to high pollution level. It is a really good step as the studies must also not get hampered,” said a parent.

It can be well understood that kids are in the forefront of bearing its brunt because pollution perked up is disrobing them of the shield of immunity, leaving them as sitting ducks for virus, bacteria and other disease agents prowling in the environment. Their immunity is imperiled, so are their lives.

According to a Report by Save the Children, every fourth child, living in urban India, fall sick every month on average, reason being lower immunity. What affects their immunity?

Essentially, ground water and air pollution damage immune system of children. Doctors associate high levels of suspended particulate matter and sulphur dioxide with increased mortality, morbidity and impaired pulmonary function.

According to a study conducted by National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) on Nutrition and health status of school children in urban area, one out every three Indian kids miss school due to infections. (ANI)