Delhi-based sweet shop owner sends legal notice to SRK

New Delhi, May 7: Actor Shah Rukh Khan’s latest release ‘Fan’ has already run into a legal battle with a Delhi-based sweet shop owner, reports said.

The movie depicted a scene where the ‘fan’ buys a box of sweets from Ghantewala sweet shop and proceeds to meet his idol.

The shop owner has sent a legal notice to actor Shah Rukh Khan, director Maneesh Sharma, writers Habib Faisal and Sharat Katariya and producer Aditya Chopra over infringement of the trademark, The Indian Express reported.

He has asked them to remove all the scenes and dialogues pertaining to the shop.

The legal notice sent through advocate Ankit Sahni reads, “Such act of deliberate infringement, you are attempting to misrepresent and deceive the public at large into believing that your said feature film titled “FAN” enjoys the patronage, sponsorship and endorsement of our clients, and/or that such use as is described above in your said feature film is under license from our client, which facts are neither true nor correct. In fact, it is our client’s wish that our client does not want to have any association with you, your feature film and/or its consequent success or failure.”