Delhi fog: Ban on construction work, trucks entering Delhi-NCR areas lifted

Delhi fog: Ban on construction work, trucks entering Delhi-NCR areas lifted.

New Delhi, November 16: Even when the pollution levels in the National Capital Region are not lowered to a safe zone, the Delhi Environment Pollution Control Authority has removed the ban on construction work in the city and entry of trucks into Delhi on Thursday.

Along with the order to remove the ban, the Environment Pollution Control Authority has also cancelled the four-time hike in vehicle parking fees. The parking fees were hiked, construction work was stopped and entry of trucks denied after the region recorded an alarming increase in pollution.

Since last month, the Air Quality Index was marked hazardously high to its peak levels from the first week of November. According to the instruction from the Delhi Environment Pollution Control Authority and the National Green Tribunal, various methods were adopted to reduce and prevent the pollution from increasing further. The ban on construction works in the city premises and prohibiting truck entry were a few of them.

Though criticised by the National Green Tribunal, the Delhi Government under AAP rule has once decided to impose the Odd-Even scheme. But the National Green Tribunal opposed the conditions over exemptions of the Delhi Government.

During last week, all schools in Delhi were shut. Even people were warned from going outdoors as inhaling the toxic air might be so much harm. Despite the bad air quality, the schools were reopened on last Monday. A health emergency was declared by the Medical Department.

It was blamed that crop burning is the main reason for the blanket smog. It was reported that crop burning was being done in the adjoining states of Punjab and Haryana.