Delhi lawyer’s uses 3 large cars to remove 14 crores in cash from home

NEW DELHI,Dec13: It took two machines to count the money found at the office of a South Delhi law firm. Then came nearly six suitcases and four steel trunks to pack the money into. And finally, this evening, three large cars – two Innovas and a Honda car – drove away with Rs. 14 crore in cash.
More than Rs. 2.2 crore of that was found in brand-new 2,000-rupee notes. That’s 11,000 notes of Rs. 2,000 each of the high-denomination bills, just lying around at a lawyer’s office at a time when banks are over-run with people desperate for the magenta-coloured notes.
The raids began on Saturday night after a tip-off. In October, lawyer Rohit Tandon had reportedly disclosed that he had Rs. 125 crore as income with very little to account for it.

The office the lawyer works out of is not fancy. It looks like any large four-storey corner building in Delhi’s Greater Kailash with very little to suggest the hidden treasure inside. No fancy cars outside. Basic furniture. The house was surrounded by razor sharp barbed wire and several CCTV cameras were installed outside the house.

Mr Tandon was not present when his office was raided.
He reportedly saw and tracked the raid on CCTV camera on his phone at a remote location.

He was being questioned this evening by more than 12 tax officials.

“Tandon has reportedly said that he can account for the money and some of it belongs to various clients,” according to an officer involved with the raids who asked not to be mentioned.

According to sources, raids were also carried out at Firoz Shah Road and another location where Mr Tandon is believed to have offices or operates out of.